3G Usb Modem China Price / Quality / Features / Feedback

China Made 3g Sim supported usb modem are reliable ofcourse not more than any branded usb, but still they are better in features. Heatup issue is resolved in new stock.

China 3G Usb Modem Prices may vary from product to product and features to features.

WiFi 3G Sim Supported China USB

Non WiFi 3G Sim Supported China USB

Both are HSDPA / UMTS / WCDMA supported, also you can select GPRS/Edge from its panel if want to use it.

Starting price of 3G China USB is 2500 (Including Delivery Charges)

Visit Our Online Store / Select your product , fill the order form or call/sms us on 0345-2813343 , Our Online Shop Address http://apnabroadband.net/shop

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