WiFi Range Solution For Big House

Normal WiFi routers sometimes doesn’t cover complete house. In same house you get different signals values. And somewhere it’s totally blank. WiFi router strength goes down when it gets older. ┬áIn other situation if you have pocket wifi devices like mifi clouds or builtin wifi usbs like wingles , their WiFi coverage also not that powerful.

To increase WiFi range of your wifi devices (Routers / Clouds / Usbs) , You can order WiFi Range Extender from us. We deliver wifi range extender all over Pakistan.

  • It improves WiFi Signals in your home.
  • It extracts signals from your wifi router / cloud / wingle usb , boost it and transmits it.
  • Just power socket this device anywhere in house.

To Order WiFi Range Extender in Pakistan Call : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

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