PTCL Evo Charji Antenna


Ptcl EVO Charji antenna (Supported with Zong / Jazz / Telenor 4G Lte as well)
Best for the congested place where signals are not penetrating or Signals are available on roof on first or second floor but not on ground floor.
* Not a local antenna , original pics are attached
TS9 Connector FREE on payments through easypaisa/ jazzcash / bank fund transfer
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  • Cheapest in rates
  • Imported antenna complete screw set and angle in box.
  • High percentage of success if giving antenna height
  • Delivery Charges 300
  • Plastic Body (Weather Proof)
  • Now available with Jazz Digit Router Supported Connector also


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    TS9 for Clouds/USBs, SMA for Zong Router/ Jazz Huawei Router and ZTE Model Router , MCX For Jazz digit Router

    TS9 Connector FREE
    (Antenna /  Wire 2500 + Charji Connector  300 +  Delivery 300 = Total 3100/-)(Antenna /  Wire 2500 + SMA Connector (Zong & Jazz ZTE/Huawei Connector 800 +  Delivery 300 = Total 3600/-)

    (Antenna /  Wire 2500 + Jazz digit router connector  1000 +  Delivery 300 = Total 3800/-)


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    TS9, NO, SMA, MCX

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