Wireless Pager



  • Pager anti-symmetric design, with a sense of design. Pager Buzzer with LED indications.
  •  Each pager built‑in rechargeable lithium battery, low power indicator and charging indicator
  • The launch keyboard has 16 slots that can charge 16 pagers at a time, and support extends to 998 pagers.
  • You can customize the pattern, the following is an example of other customer customization。logo is a sticker.
  • Two reminder modes Only buzzer and flash, pager reminder time can be set separately, can be set 1-999 seconds.
  • Using AM technology, AM technology is characterized by strong signals, so even indoors, the wall signal will be strong.
  • The keyboard uses a touch keyboard for easier use;Power on automatically, press [999] + [call] to shut down with one button.
  • Equipped with up to 16 battery charging slots, greatly improve the work efficiency and avoid the guest waiting in a long queue.
  • In an open place, the measured straight-line distance is 200 to 500 meters, but it will be affected by the environment. The actual distance shall prevail.

Why you need:

  1. Reduce staff cost
  2. save time & money
  3. Notify people faster
  4. Improves work efficiency
  5. Minimize crowds in waiting line
  6. Enhances the restaurant’s image
  7. Reduce staff chaos & improve ambience
  8. No wirings, No installation, No maintenance required


Package Includes:
  1. 1 x Keypad transmitter
  2. 16 x Pagers
  3. 1 x Power adaptor
  4. 1 x Manual