Zong 4G Bolt Ultra Router


Zong Bolt Ultra  is the top model for 4G router with support for LTE Advanced and receiving high data rates. It’s well suited as a professional solution for Home / enterprise / or medium-sized office.

1 Ethernet port
2 SMA Antenna ports
2 RJ11 Ports
Adapter Port

Without Package (Unlock Zong Router USED) cash on delivery available all over Pakistan (Please whatsapp us for its details).

Without Package (New Zong Router) cash on delivery in Lahore all other cities delivery through courier service.


Zong Router Packages:
(Per Month)
Rs. 2000/-
Rs. 2500/-
Rs. 3250/-
(24 Hours Packages)

If you visit franchise and asks for Zong router you will be guided to buy 6 month or 12 month bundle offer if they have router (Mostly they dont have). In Karachi available with Router mbb packages (cash on delivery in Karachi) , If you are in any other city please order new zong router from here .

(Karachi Users: Please mention your package as well in address or sms us pkg at 0345-2813343 after filling the form)

    (Important: New Zong Bolt Ultra in Karachi (Package activation is compulsory) – Karachi and Lahore Cash on delivery – All Other cities payment in advance)