Zong 4G Bolt Ultra Router


(Currently available on mentioned rates – on 2 routers purchase we will give discount)
Zong Bolt Ultra  is the top model for 4G router with support for LTE Advanced and receiving high data rates. It’s well suited as a professional solution for Home / enterprise / or medium-sized office.

4 Ethernet ports
2 RJ11 Ports
2 SMA Antenna ports
Adapter Port

Available on Corporate Packages :

30 Days Validity Packages:

10GB 800/Month.

30GB 1500/Month.

50GB 2000/Month (24 Hours a day)

75GB 2500/Month (24 Hours a day)

100GB 3000/Month (24 Hours a day)

150GB 3500/Month (24 Hours a day)

You can get any GB limit package available (We dont restrict customers to buy 6 month or 12 month bundle offer)

(Please mention your package as well in address or sms us pkg at 0345-2813343 after filling the form)

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